06-19 Balloon Parade
10-18 Meadow Spirits #10
Evening Flight
08-17 Heaven Sent
02-19 Flying Solo
03-17 Wild Carpet
10-17 Sun Dance
20-17 Meadow Spirits

Coming from a family of artists, it wasn’t too surprising that this form of self expression would finally show up and take hold of me.   As I grew up, I watched my mother, grandmother and aunt paint and, later in life, realized I wanted to enter that creative world myself.  Now I “Chase Light” with my paint brush, mostly in the summer when I am outdoors in nature a great deal.


I paint from my love of natural beauty, especially the dramatic landscapes and water I see while sailing on Georgian Bay in the summer.  My love of colour and unexpected sunlight in different scenery is central to my inspiration.  Increasingly, I search for places with no sign of people or their impacts - for many years I led a bit of a gypsy life style, living and working around the world which has developed the explorer in me.  Now that I am firmly rooted in Toronto, I enjoy exploring new worlds through my art.  


I have studied at the Toronto School of Art and the Haliburton School of Art as well as several years working with Ian Roberts.  I exhibit regularly in multiple shows across Toronto.  


My paintings are available for sale from this website – just contact me for information on any of them. 


Thanks for viewing my art. 


Sue Simington